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Five things you should do in your first week at a new job
Five things you should do in your first week at a new job

Starting a new job is among the most daunting experiences in our professional lives.  After all, you only get one chance at a first impression.

As well as trying to wrap your head around your new responsibilities, learn the office culture, make friends, and demonstrate your ability, you’re also trying to keep your feet on the ground and build a successful future for yourself.

It is natural to want to keep your head down and not draw attention to yourself, like a mouse among sleeping cats.  This is a mistake!  Here are five things you should do in your first week...

Picking a Presidential Nominee in 2016

Many Leadership Institute graduates are asking me about the Republican Presidential nomination contest.  The Institute does not support or oppose candidates for public office, and I have not yet personally endorsed any of the candidates.  I have, however, posted on my “diary” on the RedState website the following piece about conservatives’ decision-making process.  Feel free to circulate it if you wish. --MCB

The presidential nomination process is about to enter a very different phase. 

Until now, the 2016 presidential campaign has consisted mainly of words:  speeches, debates, interviews, and the publication of some issue papers by the candidates.  The coming contests in the states will actually elect delegates, and this race will become a test of each candidate’s ability to identify supporters and organize them to participate personally in the primaries and conventions.

Every state and U.S. territory has different election laws and party rules, not to mention different sets of political circumstances and local leaders.  Organizing successfully to win nomination contests in enough states and territories to win a national presidential nomination is a massive problem.  Some candidates will not come close to solving it.

A Must Read: Mark Levin’s New Book Plunder and Deceit
A Must Read: Mark Levin’s New Book Plunder and Deceit

In politics, it is not enough to know what’s right. 

To succeed, your command of a subject must be so secure that you can persuade people you are right.  And then you must activate them.

Plunder and Deceit by Mark Levin is a necessary read for anyone who fights against statist power grabs.

This new book sets the stage for the 2016 election and beyond.

Levin’s new book is a wake-up call, especially for young people.  He explains the dangers of government and the coming crisis our country faces -- the loss of the greatest...

Do You Want to be a National Convention Delegate?

In early 1961, I decided to try to be a Goldwater delegate to the 1964 Republican National Convention.  When Barry Goldwater beat the party establishment and won the G.O.P. Presidential nomination, I was his youngest elected delegate at San Francisco's Cow Palace.  And I've been deeply involved in politics ever since.

In 1975, I wrote an article for the Young Americans for Freedom magazine New Guard entitled, "So You Want To Go To A Convention?"

Oklahoman Steve Antosh read the article and followed my advice.  The next year, at age 19, Steve was elected a Reagan delegate to the 1976 G.O.P. national convention.  Four years later, in 1980, Steve was the National Director of Youth for Reagan.

The 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination

This will not be a cheery update because the news is not good.  I shall do my best to summarize developments and not take you too far into the weeds.

At the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Mitt Romney broke all precedent and used his power as the coming nominee to change the rules, to centralize power in the hands of the establishment, and to make it very much harder for any power in the party to flow from the bottom up.

For one example, the rules previously had required that, to be placed in nomination for President, a candidate had to have the written support of a plurality of the delegates from at least five states.

In Tampa, the Romney campaign changed that requirement.  Currently, a 2016 presidential candidate will have to have the support of a majority of the delegates from at least eight states.

Leadership Memo: No, you may not just quit

Rather than a piece by me to begin this Leadership Memo, I’ve decided to run a “guest editorial” by my friend and fellow Leadership Institute Board member Mike Rothfeld.

Mike took LI training 28 years ago and has had a successful career as a political activist, a campaign consultant, a direct marketing consultant, and a conservative organizational entrepreneur.  He frequently serves as a volunteer faculty member at Leadership Institute training schools and runs good training schools through one of his own, separate organizations, Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership. 

A scandal ... and a rare opportunity

A groundswell of conservative complaints and considerable new information has led Congressmen Darrell Issa and Jim Jordan to ask Treasury Department Inspector General J. Russell George to “conduct an investigation to determine whether groups that possess tax-exempt status were targeted for audits or examinations based on their political beliefs or ideology.”

Your Institute is one such targeted group.

Summer vacation at the Leadership Institute

As Senator Rand Paul said, "If more conservative candidates have the same secret weapon I had -- top staff and key volunteers trained by the Leadership Institute -- you and I will see many more conservative victories in the future."

You can imagine how many LI staff, graduates, and donors have that line committed to memory. It cuts to the core of the Institute's mission -- and what graduates like you do every day.

Just see some of the highlights from this summer.

Want to Win Your Campaign? Learn How to Recruit Your Volunteers
Want to Win Your Campaign? Learn How to Recruit Your Volunteers

A common misconception is to keep recruiting until you have enough volunteers. The problem is if you are running an effective campaign you never have enough volunteers. Let’s face it --life happens. People will cancel and bail on you at the last minute. Unforeseen tasks come up and in the campaign world you need to learn to expect the unexpected; what can go wrong, often does.


In order to save you the often avoidable stress and wasted time of having to scramble at the last minute to find enough people to accomplish your goal, make sure you never run out of volunteers with these quick tips.


Get paid to fight the left and launch your career

It has often and probably correctly been said that there are today more convinced Marxists on American college faculties than there are in the former Soviet empire.

Any conservative college student you know who is now enrolled at any but the tiny handful of explicitly conservative colleges could curl your hair with stories of leftist bias and abuses on his or her own campus.

And the professors, the college officials, and the national leftist groups which pour resources into student organizations know very well what they're doing:  undermining the political, cultural, and moral foundations of America under the cover of "academic freedom."

The left does not take kindly to any expression of conservative principles on their campus strongholds.

Over the years, the left has wiped out and excluded from many colleges and universities anything supportive of limited government, free enterprise, strong national defense, or traditional values.

But our Campus Leadership Program (CLP) is over the moat and cracking their walls.

Today the Leadership Institute works with 1,379 conservative student groups and publications on 658 campuses in all 50 states.

In August, I will send 25 field representatives to college campuses across the country to identify and recruit conservative students and help them organize independent conservative groups and publications.

Perhaps you -- or a bright, young conservative you know -- will be one of them.

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