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Chilean student leader wins three week trip to DC

Max Rubio won a trip to Washington, DC. Three weeks to see all the sights, three weeks to breathe in the fresh air of politics, and three weeks to gain a crash course in communications training.

Max, from Chile, is studying business administration and economics at the University of the Andes. He explains his involvement in his student body as an “active student leader in the libertarian student movement called Alternativa Libertad.”

Max is no stranger to the Leadership Institute. In December he participated in LI Chile with Dario Paya in “a two-day school with workshops on how to mobilize people, win elections, and how to get votes,” Max recounts.

Making Your Down Time Count

When you begin your professional career, you’ll start to notice a pattern developing.

Work will begin to encroach on every part of your life.

However, if your job is your first, second, and third priority, there’s good news, you can still enjoy your downtime and focus on your career by choosing hobbies which advance your skills.

For example, nobody likes that one colleague who can only talk about politics.  Something as simple as being able to talk about sports, traveling, or cooking during an interview can mean the difference between you getting the job or not.  

So here are four ways you can enjoy your downtime and advance your career...

Cubicle Conservatism
Cubicle Conservatism

We all know that person. You know what I mean, that person who chews loudly, talks incessantly, or – my personal bad habit – leaves sticky notes everywhere. These attributes can quickly lead to tension within an office.

But tension really begins when political views come into play. How do we know when to defend our values and when to respect a professional environment?

As a current intern at the Leadership Institute, I have the privilege to work alongside like-minded, passionate individuals. However, past work experience taught me three important lessons about respectful political conversation with the people I see at the same cubicle every day.      


LI faculty members join international election observation mission in Honduras
LI faculty members join international election observation mission in Honduras

This week, four Leadership Institute staff and faculty members participated in an international mission observing the country’s national primary elections.